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Special Value Service

While the Gridley Company provides services to many homeowners with sizable remodeling budgets, we believe that homeowners with modest budgets who are seeking well-designed and well-built projects should be able to benefit from the expertise and benefits of the Gridley Difference. In fact, an important part of the Gridley Difference is that we don’t restrict our services only to wealthy clientele, as many of our competitors do.

In fact, the bulk of the cost of a remodeling project lies not in the design stage, but in the construction phase. Designing for a great-looking and functional project with a modest budget might require a bit more ingenuity, but we have more than enough. Generally, we can come up with a high-quality, high-value, but modestly priced remodeling project by selecting lower-cost but nonetheless quality building materials—such as non-stone countertops, stock versus custom cabinets and quality home-grade appliances instead of professional grade—and by employing design approaches that do not require costly framing and finishing techniques. In fact, if you have a limited budget but want to include an expensive element in your project, we can value-engineer the project so that we allocate more of your budget to that high-value item and less of it to a part of the project that is a lower priority for you.

Because of the way we work, clients with a modest budget receive the same level of attention and service as our higher-paying clients, and they can rest assured that they will get the best we have to offer.

The Gridley Company will not be your lowest-priced option, but we are confident that we can deliver the best project and remodeling experience possible, along with overall exceptional value.

If you have budget restrictions but do not want to sacrifice quality on your project, please contact us to discuss your project.

Helpful Tips

Priced For Problems

Unlike when purchasing mass–produced, brand-name products, which are identical to each other regardless of the price, comparing the prices of remodeling firms is rarely the best indicator of the value you will receive.
In fact, one industry observer has said many times that “remodeling horror stories often start with a great price.” Why is that?

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