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Handy Man & Small Projects

Gridley HomeWork Express Our Handyman and Small Projects Service

Our clients like working with us and have often asked us for help with their homes beyond remodeling. We are proud to announce the launching of our new Handyman and Small Projects division and the addition of Interior Design services to our existing remodeling design services.

You Asked for More, and We Listened

Homeowners regularly tell us they like working with us and ask if we can help them with other items on their to-do list. Gridley HomeWork Express, our handyman and small projects service, offers an easy, convenient and cost-effective way to tackle smaller projects or help keep your home in top condition.

One Call Instead of Four

Gridley HomeWork Express can simplify your life. Imagine you discover a leak in your bathroom. Typically, you’d need to find a plumber, carpenter, electrician and painter to fix the leak, repair and paint the ceiling, and replace the light fixture it damaged on the floor below. That means at least four service calls, four trip charges, and four times you have to be at home and wait for them.

One call to Gridley HomeWork Express will get the entire job done, saving you both time and money. Taking care of your home has never been so convenient and easy.

Gridley People Provide Peace of Mind

Gridley HomeWork Express provides you the confidence of knowing the professionals in your home are fully trained, experienced and work for a company you know and trust. In fact, many of the people we send to your home will be the same people you recognize from our remodeling projects. While there may be other handyman companies out there, only Gridley has the people you can always depend on.

Jobs of All Sizes

Whether it’s a door hinge or a dormer window, some new wallpaper or even a new wall, Gridley HomeWork Express will do the job quickly and get it right the first time. Plus, you’ll finally be able to check off all those home projects you have been meaning to get to but never can.

Here’s some of what we do:

Carpentry: accessiblity ramps, attic stairs, cabinetry, chair rails, crown molding, decks, doors, hinge adjustments, nail pops, shelves, trim, windows, rotten wood repairs
Plumbing: baths, sinks, showers, toilets, repipe, hose bibs, garbage disposals, water lines
Electrical: ceiling fans, computer cabling, dimmer switches, door bells, light fixtures & bulbs, recessed lights, chandeliers, smoke detectors & batteries, dedicated circuits, new outlets
Finishes: painting, tile work, wallpaper, window coverings, floor coverings
Green: we are working on special products to save on your energy and water bills…ask us about our clean power system and on demand hot water
Pre-sale Fix-ups or Moving in Repairs…and more
Interior Design Services

Click here for a complete listing of things Gridley HomeWork Express can do.
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