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Ultimate Guide: Plan a Kitchen Remodel

The holiday season has been a wonderful to spend time with friends and family.  As we begin to take down our decorations and move into the year 2023 we often find ourselves feeling that our recently warm, full and bright home now feels empty!  This is a very common time for homeowners to start thinking about their next remodel project, and after spending hours in the Kitchen preparing meals for entertaining your guests, it’s easy to become very familiar with what isn’t working!

Before you embark on a Kitchen remodel, there are some important things to consider:

  1. Layout is Key!
    Start with the basics!  Were guests interrupting your workflow as you were preparing all the different dishes for your party, struggling to find places to set or prepare them?  Our Designers at Gridley Company are experts at designing functional kitchen layouts as the one of the first steps in the process.
  2. How do you and your family use the kitchen?
    Most of our clients agree the kitchen is the heart of the home, and with that said, they ask for lots of storage and counterspace with a large island that opens to a Great Room.  Hint: This layout also helps to keep your guests close by, but out of your working pathway. 
    b. Alternatively, perhaps you prefer to hide your Kitchen partially or fully, so that you’re never concerned about dishes in the sink or items on the countertop.  Let’s be real, the kitchen is used often and sometimes in life we just can’t keep up! 
  3. Think about Storage!
    There are so many storage accessories in a kitchen from spice organizers, tray dividers and roll outs to knife and utensil bin pull outs, it can become very overwhelming!  Working with a Designer at Gridley Company ensures you know where all your kitchen utensils, small appliances, dry food storage, dishes, and more, will go. 
  1. How about Aesthetics and Materials?
    Kitchen aesthetics is where most of our clients get overwhelmed!  With so many options of painted, stained, or specialty finished cabinets, tile, countertops, hardware, decorative glass, lighting, and plumbing fixture options, we understand why a homeowner may just give up here.  The Designers at Gridley Company have unique ways of learning and determining your personal aesthetic and style which allows them to recommend ideas to you that will feel cohesive in your home. 
  2. Set a Budget!
    It’s easy to get carried away with all the amazing options available to us when it comes to building your dream kitchen.  Setting a budget and sharing this information with your Designer will help to ensure that your dreams can become a reality.

There is so much planning that goes into a kitchen remodel, so the first step is really to make sure you’re partnering with the right team.  Choosing a Design-Build like Gridley Company can help ensure that your kitchen remodel goes smoothly through both design and construction.  With a successfully proven design and build process and a 2 year warranty after the remodel is complete, Gridley Company can guarantee you will love the difference.