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The Increasing Popularity of Custom Design and Multi-Generational Homes in the Bay Area

With an increasing need for affordable housing and multi-generational living options, homes that add ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) that incorporate ADA or Aging-In-Place design modifications and Universal design are gaining popularity in the Bay Area. While keeping population density in mind, State regulations and local lawmakers are easing up on their permitting restrictions to accommodate families seeking more innovative housing solutions. Pre-pandemic, ADUs were built to offset the rising cost of living within the area, however their rising demand is now in response to the Baby Boomers’ desires to retire safely at home.

Lifestyle Remodeling in the Bay Area - ADU Kitchen Design for Special Needs - Universal Kitchen Design - Custom Design & Build - Gridley Company

Whether you are planning ahead or adapting to today’s changing social environment, work with Gridley Company to seamlessly integrate an ADU into your California residence. With years of experience in design-build renovations, our designers collaborate with you to better understand your family’s unique needs so that we can apply smart design solutions that make your space both livable and luxurious. We excel in making the process as simple as possible for you by communicating directly with our in-house build team so that your ADU results in a cohesive build that not only adds value to your property, but gives you more valuable quality time with your loved ones. 

Custom Home Design Options that Meet Your Family’s Unique Needs

At Gridley, we have seen Aging-In-Place modifications and multi-generational conversions become a growing trend. Our clients come to us because they want to modify their homes to grow with their lifestyle. With knowledge of the requirements and an understanding of our client’s unique needs, we guide you through the design process, and manage your project throughout its build so that you experience ease, accountability, and time saving efficiency. The following is meant to give you a little more information about what additional features you can incorporate into your ADU design and build. 

Tell me more about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Custom ADU Design in the East Bay - Customized Bathroom Design - Universal Design Bathroom - Gridley Company

Accessory Dwelling Units are self-contained living quarters equipped with a separate entrance, kitchen, and full bath so that the resident(s) are able to maintain both independence and privacy without losing familial accessibility and assistance. The 400-1200 square feet units offer several benefits for both college age or elderly family members needing additional care. Commonly called backyard cottages or granny flats, ADUs can be built from scratch or remodelled from an existing area of the home such as the garage. Make sure to check with your local ordinances to learn more about ADU permitting in your area. 

What are ADA or Aging-In-Place Modifications?

ADA modifications provide design solutions that can help individuals with physical or mental impairments live as independently as possible. Their installation is geared towards helping people apply the skills they need to maintain daily living in an approachable and adaptable way. Whether it’s wider doors, ramps and lifts, appropriate bath fixtures and grab bars, adapted counter and cabinetry, levered door, or fixture handles, ADA compliant design is customized to suit your loved one’s specific needs.

Aging-in-place design modifications are focused on making homes more comfortable for individuals who are older and may face some changes in their mobility, flexibility, dexterity, and/or mental health. These modifications help residents continue to live longer in the homes they love, near the people they love. Aging-In-Place design typically includes some ADA modifications, and can be applied as needed throughout the course of their lives.

Universal Design Features

Universal design provides features that center on making the home more functional and comfortable for individuals with some ADA or age-related issues. It does this in ways that do not generally present themselves as special modifications when you view the home. Some examples are taller toilets, easy-to-use door and facet levers, shelves that are not too high or too low, and so on. Universal design allows your ADUs to be more multi use as it applies a practical and timeless approach to housing.

The Advantages of Utilizing the Design and Build Methodology for Your Multi-Generational Remodel

Lifestyle Remodeling in the Bay Area - ADU Kitchen Design for Special Needs - Universal Kitchen Design - Custom Design & Build - Gridley Company

There are several advantages to utilizing the design and build methodology which Gridley Company has created for your multi-generational remodel. Some notable benefits include the following:

  • Ease and simplicity for you. Dealing with one company is much easier than juggling several contractors, especially when it comes to getting things done in a timely fashion.
  • Accountability. If something goes wrong, you won’t find yourself caught uncomfortably between an architect or designer and builder because you will have a single point of contact.
  • Improved communications that will save everyone involved time and energy. Design/build companies communicate directly within their own team of designers and builders to minimize misunderstandings and provide immediate feedback about ways to fine tune the overall construction.
  • Enhanced cost certainty due to more informed building costs. Reputable builders know what to expect when it comes to material costs and they can more accurately help you design your project based on your specific budget.

Improve your experience adding an ADU. Eliminate the potential of redesign. Minimize wasted time developing designs that can’t possibly be built at or near your desired budget. And capitalize on Gridley Company’s expertise when making your residence multi-generational. 

Add Value and Efficiency to Your Home with Multi-Generational Design Solutions

When you add an ADU you’ll improve the spatial efficiency of your property, increase the resale value of your home, and most importantly provide your family with more options to connect and care for one another. At Gridley, we have over 40 years experience applying Universal designs, ADA, and Aging-In-Place modifications to rambler and ranch home conversions. We are backed by a team of knowledgeable professionals that will proficiently manage your project from concept to completion, and our design-build applications will give you confidence and comfort knowing your loved ones have spatial adaptations that will improve their overall quality of life without sacrificing their independence.  

If you have more specific questions and/or are ready to start designing your home addition, please contact us at Gridley Company.