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The Increasing Popularity of Custom Design and Multi-Generational Homes in the Bay Area

With an increasing need for affordable housing and multi-generational living options, homes that add ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) that incorporate ADA or Aging-In-Place design modifications and Universal design are gaining popularity in the Bay Area. While keeping population density in mind, State regulations and local lawmakers are easing up on their permitting restrictions to accommodate families seeking more innovative housing solutions. Pre-pandemic, ADUs were built to offset the rising cost of living within the area, however their rising demand is now in response to the Baby Boomers’ desires to retire safely at home.

Design/Build Method Advantages

The design/build method offers homeowners many advantages for most remodeling projects.

Before design/build, homeowners typically used the design/bid process. If you wanted to remodel your home, you had to find and hire an architect to design your project and then find and hire a builder to construct it. This can be a time consuming two-step process and if things go wrong you can find yourself uncomfortably in the middle between your architect and builder.