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Part of the Gridley Difference is convenience. We supply you with everything you need—from architectural and interior design to product selection to construction and warranty work—under one roof. We offer you choices, such as green versus conventional building or traditional versus universal design. And we offer you peace of mind, which stems from knowing that a dedicated team of professionals is working for you.

Following are some of the many services we offer:

  • Home assessments and Feasibility Reviews
  • Design, including architectural and interior, space planning, regular and green, ADA, universal and Aging-In-Place
  • Computer 3-D modeling and visualization of design options
  • Gridley Special Value Services for clients on tighter budgets
  • Expert in-house, one-stop product specification services, including green building and special-needs product guidance
  • Two convenient showroom locations for design meetings and product selection
  • Permits
  • Complete project management and control
  • Warehousing for smoother scheduling
  • Construction, including traditional, green and for clients with special needs, with all trades in-house
  • Building inspections and approvals
  • Warranty services
  • Post-warranty services

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