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Landscape Design and Construction

To make the most of your landscape design, it’s best to start with your end goals. Gridley’s talented landscape designers can help you discover what you want and help you design and construct a landscape that suits your lifestyle. Your landscape aspirations might include entertaining and cooking or playing and relaxing by your new pool. If you have a young and growing family, areas set aside for pets and play structures might be important. Gridley is an experienced landscape design and construction company serving the Campbell / San Jose area. Let us put the Gridley Difference to work for you as we design and construct a landscape that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Landscape Use and Purpose: Hardscapes, Pools, Dining and Relaxing

Those who find the most satisfaction from a landscaping remodeling project start by considering how they would prefer to use their front yard or back yard. Our landscape construction philosophy starts with design. Consider who will be using the space too. Will your landscaping need to accommodate young children or is it mainly for adult relaxation? Do you have animals that can have an impact on the right landscape design? If you plan to put a pool in, the right landscape designer will help you inventory sunny and shady areas and wind direction so that you can design a patio and pool to optimize the weather. Gridley will work with your existing home architecture and design style so that personal material decisions on your new landscape project are informed by your existing home architecture. In that way, we’ll help you create a new landscape that seamlessly transitions from your home’s interior to its exterior.
Landscape Designs: Planting Zones, Garden Style and Maintenance Considerations

Planting areas, plant selection and maintenance considerations are all areas that Gridley has experience in and can help you with. We’ll help you pick out the right types of plants that match our climate. We’ll also work with you to consider options such as species that attract birds and butterflies, plants that are deer resistant and water and sun requirements. How you will maintain your new landscape moving forward is also a key consideration. We’ll help you step back and view your entire landscape construction project holistically from a maintenance perspective so that you will have a new landscape that meets your requirements now and well into the future.

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