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A Step-by-Step Guide to Remodeling Your Home

Once you’ve decided to remodel your home, getting started can feel cumbersome. Benefit from this easy step-by-step guide that will not only save you valuable time and money throughout the process, but it will act as an easy-to-use reference for checking important details off the to-do list. Whether you are tackling the tasks independently or you’re working with a design-build remodeling contractor, such as Gridley Company, these steps can help.  

If you are in the early stages of planning, please note the top 5 reasons design-build firms simplify the process and maximize your results.  

Step 1: List Your Wishlist, Budget, and Timeline to Define Your Remodeling Project

Before you start a remodeling project, it’s beneficial to list all the important details so you and those you are working with have a clear and concise understanding of the bigger picture. Define as many aspects of the project as possible by calling out your wishlist, budget, and preferred timeline to have all tasks completed. Come up with a general plan as to what is possible and needs to be done throughout each stage so that you have a greater understanding of the total scope of work.  

Gridley’s experience will save you time and energy from the start as they guide you through the process. After a free consultation, whereby they ask pertinent questions regarding the project, you will be matched with a designer that can further articulate your requests into solid plans. They are proficient at making sure your requests to remove a wall, create a larger kitchen and great room, and/or add extra storage space are structurally possible.  

Kitchen Remodel Vaulted Cielings - Modern Home Interior - Gridley Company

Step 2: Connect with Your Design-Build Team and Review the Proposal

If at this point you are still determined to do it yourself, then skip this step as it isn’t pertinent. However, if you run into difficulties along the way and believe working with a design-build team like Gridley will be beneficial, please come back to it.  

At Gridley, free 30 minute consultations to Meet the Team are currently held via Zoom instead of in-person, due to COVID-19. Within the call you, the homeowner(s), will become acquainted with the people you’ll be working with and able to share your current photographs or plans. With the online platform, tours of your home are welcomed and encouraged so that the designer has a better understanding of what they will be doing. Next the designer will share with you the tools they use and the stages to expect throughout the process. Ask as many questions as you need so you feel comfortable with the design and construction plans.

Step 3: Residential Remodeling Schematic Design Phase

Entering into the Schematic Design Phase means you are ready to move forward with a design-build team on your side, great choice! This phase begins with a site measure, where the designer and possibly another teammate come to your home to measure and take photographs of the areas to be remodeled. With the generation of As-Builts, your designer will be able to produce schematic drawings and concepts to share with you during the next meeting.

Within the following meetings you’ll be able to see 3D renderings and floor plans of your space, as well as review different layout options that will improve functionality, circulation, and accomplish your design goals. Together the team will be able to define the full scope of work, determine preliminary costs, and provide you with an accurate estimate for the overall project. Review Gridley’s price promise to learn more ways they are dedicated to making home renovations as stress-free as possible.

Step 4: Home Design Specifications & Build Material

Once you have chosen a floor plan that works for you, and you’re happy with the price estimate, the team will jump into the Design Specifications Phase. The price range you received in Phase 1 includes allowances for items that will be selected in Phase 2. As you and your designer work to make selections, the drawings become more defined and detailed so that the 3D renderings begin to become more like photorealistic representations of your future space. Whether new or existing, exact floor material, cabinets, countertops, backsplash styles, color schemes, hardware and fixture finishes all come to life representing the actual design specifications you’ve made.

Throughout the design and selection process, your designer is compiling a Build Manual, which will include the products, plans, and elevations detailing out: cabinetry, tile, stone surfaces, appliances, plumbing fixtures, windows, doors, flooring, accessories, and paint colors. After considerable review of the design documents, integration of the chosen material finishes, and exploration of different pricing options, with your approval, complete final pricing and a ready-to-sign Construction Contract will be presented.

Step 5: Design-Build Contract & Pre-Construction

During Pre-Construction, your designer introduces you to your project manager and kicks off the next steps with a home walk-through. He/she will discuss things like communications, health and safety, dust protection, dumpster/trailer location, access to the home, lock-up procedures, schedule details, and a variety of other important aspects of the process so that you have a clear expectation of how things will be managed. If you will be living within the space during construction, you can discuss setting up a temporary kitchen or redefining the flow of traffic in and out of each room at this time to assure that you and your family are comfortable throughout the remodeling process.

Kitchen Remodel - Modern Home Interior - Gridley Company

Step 6: Home Remodeling Construction Documents

With the floor plans and material finishes finalized, your contractor will review the plans once more and then complete the Construction Documents. Once reviewed by an engineer, the team, and other necessary consultants, permits will be submitted to the city for plan approval. During this time, the Build Manual is finalized as the “go-to guide” for managing every aspect of your remodel and renovation. The contents and details of this manual include architectural details, product selection specifications, and drawings.

Worth noting, working with the city, county or town can be a difficult and daunting process. Gridley is experienced with preparing the required documents, meeting timelines, and adhering to the correct formats so they make it easier for you to move through this step with confidence and ease. They also provide the Build Manual via an online construction portal so you have access to it at all times.

Step 7: Ordering Materials and Preparation for Your Residential Remodel

While waiting for permitting and approval, your design-build firm will begin the process of Ordering Materials, especially those that have longer lead-times, such as cabinets, lighting, plumbing fixtures, windows, and doors. Ordering items early will help to ensure a smooth remodel process by reducing the possibility of delays. Simultaneously the team will help you prepare for how your family will navigate the logistics of the remodel. In projects where homeowner(s) will continue living in the space during construction, construction can be done in phases to minimize the inconvenience and assure the continuance of a functional lifestyle. The goal is to make the remodeling process as seamless and smooth as possible for you and your family.

Step 8: Construction Phase I: The Infrastructure

The hired team will oversee all aspects of the construction process from start to finish. This includes managing the budget, securing all permits, selecting and coordinating employees and trade contractors, ordering products and materials, arranging inspections, and scheduling deliveries. Once the building permits are in place, your project manager will verify the schedule and construction start date. Phase I starts with deconstruction, followed by foundation, framing, windows, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. This gets everything under the floors and behind the walls ready, then the work is inspected by your city per regulations. nbsp;

Prior to inspection, your project manager and designer will do a rough walk through to ensure everything that needs to be placed behind the drywall is done so according to plan. They’ll make sure your lighting is correct, all clearances required by code are met, and universal design elements, such as the installation of blocking where a future towel bar or tissue holder will be placed to ensure stability, are verified.

Step 9: Construction Phase II: The Finishes

During Phase II of construction, the space begins to transform and come to life with the installation of doors, trims, cabinetry, countertops, and tile. The home begins to feel like a real representation of the renderings you reviewed with your designer in early stages and move-in plans are initiated.

Ranch Style Home Additions Central California - Modern Home Interior - Fireplace Remodel

Step 10: Ready to Move In & Final Punch List

At this point, your home is ready for you to move into. There may be few items to complete, like missing pieces on backorder or something that was damaged during shipment, but your space is usable and liveable. With an organized Final Punch List, your review, and a schedule for completion you’ll be aware of the exact date your remodel will be 100% completed.

Step 11: Final Walk-Through of Your Home Remodeling Project

The Final Walk-Through is typically the client’s favorite step in the entire process! With your project manager and designer, you will have the opportunity to walk through your newly remodeled home so you can chat in person about the details and the entire process.  

With Gridley the primary goal is to exceed your expectations, thus this step is incredibly important and feedback is always welcome. You will receive a Warranty Binder, which has all the information you’ll need regarding the operation and maintenance instructions for your project, as well as an invitation to contact them at any point in the future with any questions that you may have.  

Step 12: Gridley Company’s Design-Build Two Year Warranty

When it comes to the final details of your remodel, the difference between good and excellent is determined by how well the last 10% of the project is managed. With over 30 years of experience in California, Gridley has a proven track record of their commitment to completing every detail with quality and satisfaction, which sets them above and apart from others in the industry. To ensure complete satisfaction they offer a 2 Year Warranty for their work. If you experience an issue with your home at any time please give Gridley Company a call.  

The best forms of business are built on referrals from previous clients and this known fact is of utmost importance to Gridley. They are dedicated to creating and maintaining healthy, valued relationships with everyone they work with.